About Us

About Aurora

Founded in 1997 and based in Perth Australia, Aurora Consulting is an innovative IT consulting practice specialising in Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and System Integration. Aurora is highly skilled in AWS, Microsoft Azure, database technologies, Java, .Net, and many open technology. Our company enjoys a superb track record in providing exceptional services and value for money to our customers. By combining extensive business experience and technical expertise, Aurora is uniquely positioned to assist our customers with their digital transformation needs.

Our Experience

In the fields of Cloud, Databases, E-Business Solutions, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Aurora has delivered a large number of successful digital transformation projects. Aurora has extensive experience with a wide range of tools and technology, including AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Java, AWS, IBM Cognos and many others. For more than 20 years, Aurora Consultants have developed countless business solutions that are exemplary in their respective industries. Aurora enjoys a superb track record, and draws on this invaluable knowledge to enable the best practices and time-proven solutions to be part of our customers’ implementation.